Learning to negotiate COVID-19 imposed measures around the world has shaken most of us to the very foundation. Many of us lost our jobs and had to scramble to find a means of earning a new income stream.  For me, the journey has been positive, allowing me to discover the true potential of what the digital class format can offer. 

Having been previously deeply entrenched in the physical – I lived for the daily personal interaction of working with people – I expected to really struggle with transitioning to presenting classes in a digital format.  Yet, as with many things, perception (and more importantly preconceived notions) did not equal reality.  I quickly realised that it is all about mindset – how open you allow yourself to be to change.  Is this not the very pinnacle of yoga practice – to not limit yourself, to keep yourself receptive to change and growth?

Instead of trying to cram as many classes into one day as I could manage, just so I could get to all my students (often leading to intermittent burnout), I find myself much happier and  better balanced now that I can focus energy on class content and delivery.  While physical proximity and touch are fundamental for many of us, the digital format has definitely opened up a host of other alternatives and possibilities.

Even prior to the world-wide COVID-19 crisis, many people struggled getting to a studio to attend physical classes – time commitments, travel considerations, lack of budget, being self-conscious and often simply lazy, being just a few of the reasons.

In the aftermath of lockdown restrictions abating in many countries, people are still currently facing a host of new challenges thrown in the path of physical classes:

  • Having to be health scanned before even being allowed to enter a studio.
  • Facilities having to restrict the number of people they can accommodate at any one time.
  • Class rosters being severely cut to allow for deep cleaning rituals between classes.
  • Class capacity slashed to accommodate new social distancing measures.
  • Having to wear a mask the whole time you’re in public (even when exercising).
  • Equipment having to be continuously sterilized before and after each use, not only leaving sometimes soggy, tacky surfaces (this in itself opening up a host of potential liability issues), but also resulting in many people developing skin allergies to all the sterilizing sprays being utilised.
  • Fear of exposure to the virus, and possible contraction.
  • Loss of income suffered by many during (and even post) lockdown.

This makes the whole current physical class experience less than ideal for many.

I believe the digital class is the way of the future.  It’s convenient in that it allows you to exercise at any time of the day, when it suits you best, even when travelling (so trying to accommodate class rosters becomes void).  You eliminate travel and parking considerations, as you can exercise wherever you are (just find a quiet spot and roll out your mat).  The cost is usually a fraction of physical classes.  Even once the world goes back to “normal” you still have the convenience of always having a class on hand – pop in your earbuds, hook up your phone (or device of your choice) and you’re good to go.

For me, the live-stream format has made it possible to provide a unique class DAILY to multiple individuals (all over the world) at the same time – this is just not possible in the physical world.  I am enjoying so much creative fun.  As a small business entity (literally a one-woman show) creating something new daily takes time, planning and resources. Yet, I firmly believe that the cost versus value proposition of “Yoga with Louise Live Stream” is currently pretty unique in terms of what it actually offers: something new each day (who wants to keep doing the same routine over and over) to keep you inspired, motivated and moving forward.  My live-stream daily classes will undoubtedly be my key focus moving forward.

That’s it for now – see you all for playtime on the mat😉

Till next time – Keep it Light😘