I have found the routines and quality of what you offer excellent. The range of exercises really stretch me and add to my wellness. Your verbal cues are accurate and intelligently interspersed. Your diction is excellent. Your personality shines through and your own demonstrations of processes excellent. Over the 8 years I have done pilates / yoga I have had some 16 presenters and I rank you as number 1.

Derek Swemmer

Your classes are awesome and for any fitness level… amazing.. full workouts explaining all the right moves. Love how you cover everything and you explain in detail how to correctly do the movement. Loving your live class format – even roped my son in:-) You make it look so easy & you explain everything so well. My son has even told his girlfriend in Venezuela about your classes. Look forward to seeing you on the mat every morning. Wow, all at an amazingly ridiculous fee !!

Sue van Diggele

Thank you so much for your classes – I often feel the work in places I haven’t felt in a long time. Thank you for all your variety and constant hight standard. You keep my head focussed and my low’s to a minimum during this depressing time of lockdown. I appreciate the hard work you put in and the absolute value for money that you deliver for such a miniscule fee – this action alone shows your social responsibility during tough times.

Elize Erasmus

Your classes have morphed into something unreal. I am enjoying it tremendously. Cannot do it real time. So most often do morning or evenings. Missing only the odd one.

Paul Brink

I have told everyone I know, you are a brilliant instructor and guide students through all the movements. The fusion of pilates and yoga makes it accessible to a large amount of individuals. Great walk-through on all movements, different focuses every time, different intensities. Keep it up, I am having so much fun.

Rochelle Thuynsma

I’m just loving the live stream because I can do it in my home, when I want. Louise’s way of talking through all movements and body positions ensures that I’m aware of my body positions and what they should be so that I can be sure I’m doing it correctly. With such thorough and clear instructions, I almost feel like I don’t need to be in a physical class! Thank you Louise for all your effort in these videos – they are making lockdown workouts fun and I can DEFINATELY feel the change in my body after each one.  My body feels so much stronger and longer, I’ve noticed a big difference in my posture and how I hold myself up, and my back is feeling better than it’s felt on years! Thank you so much for the dedication to the videos and the effort and planning that you do! I’m so grateful.

Candice Harltey

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a morning person especially in the cold. Louise offers a class where she accommodates all our needs. I was told I would never do yoga necause of rather over the top back surgery, knee issues & constant neurological problems I know I will never be a master. ..but I love this discipline & my body is coping with way more than it should thanks in huge part to Louise. ..

Doma Peacock

Enjoying your classes immensely, great to be able to pause until I can move to the next exercise. Love the way you explain everything and I know what and where I’m supposed to be focused and feeling the effects. Grateful for your efforts and hard work to get this out there. User friendly, very beneficial. Informative, thorough, mixed level.

Suzanne Nash

I really do enjoy your classes. I love that I can go at my own pace and I am now enjoying being able to do it from home. Some of the routines are a bit hectic for me (given my injuries), but I “play where I’m comfortable” and make it through. Being able to do it multiple times a week I am starting to notice a difference in my muscle strength and endurance. Some movements do seem like it’s getting easier. I absolutely enjoy the way the classes are set up. I like that there is a focus on exercise and not the religious practices that is often associated with yoga, for example, the mantras and bhajan music. It helps to physically benefit from the practice without compromising on religious belief systems. I like that I can go at my own pace and I am not forced to do a full movement if I am not able to. I appreciate the way you explain the movements so there is clarity on how to achieve a specific pose and that for the most part you offer alternative movements. For the same reasons I would recommend your classes to others.

Chanel Daniel-Swartland

I love YwL – her online classes are very convenient for me to do from home and I can do these any time of the day. Very easy to adapt to her approach because she explains it very well. I really like her classes. These classes give me a very good start to my day. Thank You!

Pramila Patidar

The variation in content and cool themes keep the early mornings interesting.😉 The instructions clarify the reason behind the moves and provides insight to those of us who havent studied Pilates etc in depth …could not stay away if i tried😁 Thank you for an excellent fee with bumper value..one of the real hilightes of the new season we find ourselves in..tx so much for caring about every individual you come across..you are an example and truly inspiring in your positive attitude..

Madin Struwig

Louise, currently I’m waking up and I love you because I can say “f// Louise, ek is in my tjops” and throughout the day this works as well, while I limp to my desk or bed because I am unfit and only started attending the classes this week 😂 I guess it would not be appropriate to voice the appreciation that I can take out my frustration on someone else than my husband….

Heleen Van Zyl-Maritz

My husband did a class with me – I laughed so much, because the first time I said, “don’t take a towel, you don’t need one”. Well he sweated “bullets” and he is fit, because he’s a runner. Your classes are just unique – Thank you!

Marinda Mare

I believe that it’s important to have professional guidance to avoid injury and bad form. YwL gives me an opportunity to continue exercising during lockdown, with guidance from an expert, as opposed to just trying to do my own thing. I can rewind and start the class at a time that suits me, if I miss the live stream.

Trevor Rennison

I had been sharing your previous links long before lockdown. For friends needing advice. And colleagues i would like to expose to your way of teaching and prompting. I love the way you instruct and your prompts. I am used to not always seeing you and just following the verbal cues. Beginners will catch on quickly. I also like the combinations you do and the general content of your classes. I have noticed a huge improvement in my strength and balance and posture since joining your classes, and others have commented on it too. Love your content – everything! Excellent balance of strength and core and full body work or focused areas. Great stretches and Verbal cues. Excellent relaxation sections. Thank you xxx

Anne-Marie Swart

My partner and I have done a number of yoga classes that we found on YouTube (he is more advanced than I am) and it worked, but it wasn’t well scheduled (they were either too difficult or too easy). So not easy to plan the training very well. Your classes, both the Yoga and the Pilates, work for both of us. What I enjoy about the live stream is that it feels as if you are still part of a larger group, training together. You cater for both advanced and beginners. I like how you build up to the difficult moves (play or stay). I managed to do the headstand today for the first time 😀 !!! I can see and feel how I progress.

Marinda Faasen

You always give options and explanations where some other instructors give minimum and i have to google to understand value of some movements. Love the pace and clear instructions..i always understand you.

Madri Struwig

You talk us through each movement and you build up to the full flowing movement – love that! I could never just move into a lying down position from being seated – until you said – “look at your belly button” while slowly moving back – and it works ! Everything you do say helps in each movement

Tine Ferreira

I have already recommended to others so that they can benefit the way I have. Professional detailed instruction. Working mindfully with your own body, at your own pace. Love your personality and communication – you make it enjoyable and fun!

Lisa Bergoff Grey

Louise, thank you helping me to realise the vital importance of staying in shape. YOU ARE AMAZING, LOTS of APPRECIATION!

Renche Marais

Love your style. Love the variety, and it is a workout, not just a chit chat.

Sunette Swart

I enjoy the class and you put a lot of effort in. Love the variation and the fact I can do it when I want to.

Kate Neethling

You get on with it and don’t talk to much in between poses like in some other online classes where they try to perfect too much or cater for beginners by explaining every small detail.

Daniella van den Heever

Your classes are brilliant, great variety.

Soné Swanepoel

You’re reviews are brilliant! Classes are very well delivered and easy to follow.

Barbara Saunders

They are great classes & really work all parts of your body, very nicely demonstrated if you are still a beginner or advanced. Love everything, especially the core work & flexibility.

Debbie Conradie

The classes are fun and challenging and the way you explain the importance of each movement is very informative and helps with body awareness. Love the things I learn about my body during class. And seeing improvement. I like how you break things down and layer movements. And I get a great workout.

Mieke Erasmus

Convenient way to exercise and avoid traffic jams, which is a huge problem for me. Love the fact that you give various options for varying degrees of fitness.

Karen Louw

I have met you personally and know you have my best interest at heart and you have a wonderful way to explain the movements:) I feel confident and relaxed and trust you as an instructor.

Luzaan Maree

Louise is an excellent role-model. She is warm and welcoming, has a high energy level and keeps the pace and interest level high for the entire time. Love the fact that her classses are not boring.

Lizelle Siebert

It feels “real”, its personal, and is almost as good as attending the actual sessions at gym. Its fun, its professional, I can exercise at my own level….and you are a very good instructor!

Santie Kies

You elaborate each step well, as well as providing alternatives for those that are not there yet. I also the enjoy humour:) Feels personal, and like I said previously I enjoy the alternative options.

Tarryn McIntyre

Professional and a proper workout. Love the variety and the class being presented in a structered friendly way.

Dalene Thuynsma

Enjoy these classes so much. Has made a huge difference in my life, not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally. Always fun. A workout that actually shows results while allowing you to have a great time on the mat.

Lizelle Hoffman

Great if anyone prefers to workout at home and use the live stream method. Classes are well oiled and specific in walking us through our “paces” and postures and well executed.

Dawn de Vries

The classes are wonderful, much appreciated and keeps me sane! Body and mind. I feel less alone and my body benefits greatly. Classes target whole body, keeping me strong and supple.  I feel as if I am actually “in” your class.

Renee van Deventer

Love the Yoga/Pilates mix. How you explain each movement thoroughly, what to do in detail, how to move, how to be careful and what you will do next – Love it. The examples you use are so appropriate, like look back as if someone is standing behind or a rugby ball or tennis ball.

Petulia Williamson

Love the education while doing the movements. I like the fact that you educate the viewer while doing the movement, so that we understand the movement better. So far you are the only instructor that helps me to understand the movement.

Marianne Spangenberg

I like the way you engage with us and constantly remind us on how to inhale & exhale through the various poses/exercises. Love your focus on the breath.

Liana Tollon

You are brilliant and an excellent instructor. Clear instructions, allowing for different levels, focusing on the entire body, diversity & range of exercises is great.

Driekie Hay-Swemmer

You can do the class when it suits you. Love the way you guide us into the different movements

Yolande Kenny

YwL helps you improve your all over well being. Love that you never have to miss out on a class to improve your fitness and flexibility. I like your energy and all the effort you are putting in to help us all.

Jeanette Klaver

The workouts are great and there is enough variety. It caters for beginners and advanced people and there is a good variety of exercises.

Tanja Pretorius

Louises classes are exceptional! I am used to her style and it suits my training programme.

Georina Westraadt

I think your approach is the best – educating me all the way (in terms of terminology as well as reminding of basics like belly button, inner thighs engaged, etc.)

Sharon Spangenberg

Your explanations of of how to do the exercises is fantastic. I can feel the workout of the specific muscles the next day.

Melanie Vlok

Love your yoga and Pilates – You make it different:-)

Fran Viet

Great for other training and also recovery and better movement. Love the variety in movements and the presentation.

Ilse Viljoen

Enjoyable, clear instructions and for all levels. Clear instructions, not to high level, great stomach workouts!

Tracey Collins

I enjoy the classes and I would recommend them. Love the easy to follow instructions, and that you allow time for me to get into the position and let me know where I should be feeling the pull/burn.

Bronwyn Maas

I like that you show the beginner to advanced levels. I like that they are challenging and different each time.

Corne Minders

It is easy to follow you and the classes are interesting.

Emelia Nel

Love your clear instructions and the options you give.

Letitia Janse Van Rensburg

Excellent classes if exercise from home suits. Love the explanations and focus on form & breathing.

Mary-Anne Cooke

The exercises are explained very well. Love the detail in explanation and leading through the program.

Jodene van Schalkwyk

It can be enjoyed by people of ages. Very professional presentations.

Andre Swart

You do an amazing class. Great variety, I can feel my muscles the next day.. works well!

Petro Wall

Great for people that can’t go to gym. Love that I can see and hear you better on TV (than in a physical class).

Hans Nortje

Challenging yet enjoyable and adaptable. Love the flow of progressions through the exercises.

Venetia Amato

Love that you prompt on time and all your cues!

Sam Bimray

I enjoy your classes and I think it is a wonderful workout.

Dalene Gelderblom

Love the continuos guidance along with the possess.

Bhuvana Ravindran

I have sent your link to many of my colleagues as your classes are great! Love the mixture of beginner and experienced.

Barbara van Wyk

I have recommended people. Your classes are excellent – well balanced and cater for all levels. Love the variety of targeting different areas and always catering for different student levels.

Robyn Matthews

You motivate others. Love the clear instructions!

Sharon Gibson

Easy to follow, can go at my own pace, not intimated to keep up!

Alison Crowe

Brilliant instructor cues, so accurate. Your classes have different levels of intensity. You are very clear on instructions – I can follow without looking at the screen. Very inspirational!

Charlene Burgess

The classes are great for both physical and mental wellbeing. The presentation of your classes and the thorough explanation of each movement is great.

Willoë Coetzer

Love your classes. Classes never feel repeated. Always feels like it’s something different. Love the challenge of trying new levels.

Carole Steffen

Great for those who the gym/studio class times don’t work. Love the really good verbal cues.

Noleen Pike

No pressure, all at my own time/pace – and you remind us of that often:-)

Mandy Hopwood

When coach told us we were going to be working with a Yoga instructor during off-season, I was like “wtf???  I need power and speed, how is yoga going to help me?” Boy did that come back to bite me:-):-) Yoga conditioning assisted me in maintaining a higher level of functional strength and flexibility throughout my whole body. You’ve helped me identify weaknesses, get stronger, become more mobile, have better body awareness and breath control, not to mention preventing injury (just learning to really listen to my body was a revelation in itself). I also experience less tension and soreness in general – partly due to the fact that I finally trully understand the benefits of dynamic warm-ups and static stretches and when to utilise them for maximum benefit.  Overall, I just feel better after practising yoga with you. You whooped my ass (in a good way:-) turning my pre-conceived notions on their ear) – I have learned so much and I can’t thank you enough!
Willem Ludik

Louise, going in I was really not sold on the efficacy of Yoga at the workplace, but with your expert guidance, I’ve found that it provides the perfect break from workday stress.  It’s proven to be a fun way to bring our team together on site, while simultaneously giving each participant some “alone” time on the mat to disconnect from their busy work schedules.
Rose Santos

Allow me to take the opportunity to actually thank you before getting “into” my testimonial. This is my first introduction to yoga, something I have been wanting to do for a long time, and I couldn’t have been luckier to find you. I have been enjoying your classes immensely and it would be no embellishment to say that it is my favourite activity in a packed week of physical activities. Ok so onto a more “professional” testimonial …
I have been wanting to pick up yoga for a long time, but never really had the opportunity. My first introduction through Louise has been no disappointment. In fact, yoga is the highlight of my week, so much so that when Louise is able to work in extra classes I make sure that I attend. I have found the classes to be a physical challenge that really excites me, without ever feeling inadequate when I cannot get a specific pose down. I attribute this directly to Louise’s approach to teaching. Lastly, I would be remiss not to make specific mention of her incredible relaxation sessions at the end of class. It is hard to imagine leaving a class after such mindful meditation without being completely at peace.

Lehan Botha

I must admit I was a bit sceptical at first about attending your class. However I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks for making my reintroduction to yoga so pleasant – during my first class (not with you) I really felt intimidated as the instructor had no patience with the newbies. You are an awesome instructor!
The stretches were great and afterwards I felt aching muscles that I didn’t even know existed! Looking forward to getting better at it! I have made a personal commitment to myself to attend your sessions weekly

Duane Litter

Your yoga sessions are great. The class is exciting and fun, but also very relaxing thanks to your calm and quiet voice. I am invigorated after each class although my muscles scream and shout otherwise. The healthy exercises release a lot of stress and I am already a little more flexible thanks to the stretching. The fact that I don’t miss your class at 5.15 a.m. says a lot about your teachings:-)
Ilze de Haan

I have been practising yoga for a number of years now but will not consider myself experienced in anyway. For me yoga has been about learning, something I value a great deal. When I first attended your classes I was struck by your focus and dedication and the fact that there is no pressure to learn, you only encourage the learning. Love your classes and I still think you are only twenty something:-)
Glenda van den Oover

Love, love, love your classes. What makes your classes so special for me is the personal touch and the constant encouragement to challenge myself into new spaces!
Pauline Skillington

I found your class excellent and you took the time to explain all the various positions to us newbies very well and we could “follow” along.
Alma Nel

I’ve been taking yoga classes with Louise since the beginning of the year and I’ve noticed a huge improve in my flexibility and balance. Louise is very knowledgeable and really explains the poses very well. I always feel energized, but also relaxed after one of her classes.
Marelize Davies

I really found your yoga session interesting and it really calms the body. The exercises were really easy, but tiring for me. You’ve done an amazing job. It was very fun to attend the class. Thank you so much!
Anthea May

Thank you for for being such an excellent instructor. I love yoga because of its discipline and balance and you emphasise every aspect. Looking forward to the next class!
Martinique Oosthuizen

Your classes are really good – a good balance between stretching and movements.
Dane Joubert

Louise makes time to connect and assist – she makes it all about the students.
Amy Bailey

I am relatively new to yoga – only really getting into it a few months ago. I have gone to a few different classes, with different teachers and was so happy when by chance I attended a class under Louise’s instruction. Her classes are upbeat, and well lead. Louise is knowledgeable and engaging. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
Sarah Matteyse

Louise`s class was the first yoga class I have ever had. I have a lot of tension and muscle spasms in my neck, shoulder, lower back and buttocks area. The Doctor even put me on pain medication for the pain. After only one session with Louise, she followed up with me the next day and already there was improvement on the tension in my neck area. My body felt relaxed and funny enough very energized. The way Louise handled the class was absolutely fantastic, she spoke clearly stating the next movement in a very calm and subtle tone of voice. If you didn’t understand, she would explain it, if you couldn’t do the movement she went out of her way trying to assure you be comfortable and doing the movement to the best of your ability till where your body can handle it. She is an absolutely energetic person with a passion for doing what she does.
Nadine Rossouw

I enjoy Louise’s classes immensely. I would recommend her to anyone interested in attending yoga classes. Just try 2-3 classes, and believe me you will be “hooked”:-)
Estelle Brand

Honestly the most enjoyable and relaxing yoga class I’ve been to:-). Very personal – which is great.
Renee Snyman

Thank you to Louise for the great assistance in the yoga class, her knowledge and experience in yoga is fantastic, her energy flow during the session kept me inspired to achieve more than my own perceived capabilities.  I would recommend yoga with Louise, as the experience will leave you energised and balanced.
Morne Visser

As a newbie at Yoga it is very difficult to understand and know how to do some of the Yoga poses, Louise has such a good way of explaining and teaching you how to do the right poses. Some of the Yoga moves were challenging for a beginner like myself, however she shows you how to do it correctly and gives you the freedom to manage your own strengths and abilities, if you cannot do that specific move she helps you and doesn’t just over see you in the class. Practice makes perfect so I have some practicing to do but feel a lot more hopeful after Louise’s classes.
Andrea Etsebeth

Thank you for making my “come back” easier. Picking up the pieces is hard and the temptation to give up is always lurking in the background. But yoga was one of the most surprising discoveries and I don’t want to give it up! (By the way you actually presented my very first yoga class on a Saturday morning a few years ago – the instructor did not pitch up and you took over…and I was hooked!) You create an accommodating atmosphere in class and that gives me the “courage” to start all over again! I am looking forward to get to a place where I’ll enjoy yoga more than constantly thinking…Oh…oh…how on earth am I going to manage that!
Brenda Visser

I appreciated the fact that you straight away knew that I am a “newby” to your class – that in itself tells me that you know your clients. All the moves were explained properly and was easy to follow. The class was also informed that there are different levels of difficulty to all the exercises. I found the manner in which the class was given to be very professional and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Lorraine Rogers

Louise as a Yoga Instructor I think you are truly great, you really take your time to communicate to us each step that is taking place and you come across as a real expert in Yoga with a great understanding of it as well. I look forward to your classes and I feel motivated to keep pushing my body to higher levels and it must be partly a result of a great instructor. But most importantly when I leave one of your Yoga classes I feel good and at the end of it all … that is what it is all about, so thank you for that.
Daniel Pimentel

I really enjoyed your yoga class. It was really nice and relaxing. Before the class I was really stressed and couldn’t concentrate well, and after the class I was stress free. I would like to make yoga a regular thing, it is very nice and fun to do. You are a great yoga instructor!

The yoga class was great – I enjoyed it and it was my first time. In all I learned something from it. I think you should continue to do what you do – it suits your personality and friendliness:-)

The yoga class was surprisingly a very nice experience, as it was only the first time I’ve done it! It was very nice, as I needed some of those stretches and so on. What was most interesting to me was the focus point, when we turned/moved around in a circle and setting a point to look at and focus on. BTW I am still doing that to try and keep focus as I am preparing for assessments, and I must say it HELPS…
PLEASE come and see the BMGA class again if possible, would love to have some yoga, and skills before the final exams…MWAH. If I must rate the yoga session out of 10, I rate it 10 out of 10!

Keathen Jaftha

I enjoyed the yoga class, it changed my outlook on yoga, it was pretty painful though, but I liked it. In other words it was AWESOME!!! and painful (shhh).yoga, and skills before the final exams…MWAH. If I must rate the yoga session out of 10, I rate it 10 out of 10!
Ondela Manqongoza

I really found your yoga session interesting and it really calms the body. The exercises were really easy, but tiring for me. You’ve done an amazing job. It was very fun to attend the class. Thank you so much!

I really enjoyed the yoga class. I learned a lot – like I discovered muscles in my body that I didn’t know existed while stretching them. I still stretch on, sometimes 3 – 4 times a week. Your class was exciting and as a beginner I look forward to doing yoga again with you.

I personally really enjoyed the yoga session you gave to us. Thank you for taking out the time to come do it with us. All the movements you has us do made me want to become fit again. MOTIVATION !!! Although I went into “recovery position” many times:-) Don’t ever stop with your yoga teaching because you do it really well! XOXO

During the yoga class (which was my first) I felt more calm that I do or should be. For a first experience, I really loved your class and suggested that our college class finds the time to continue with the methods that you have shown us. I was surprised that yoga was really to unwind and make you feel more energised than anything else. As a stressed college student, really enjoyed the class –  it was indeed really practical and helpful.

I really enjoyed the yoga. Some of the movements were a little difficult, but I enjoyed the breathing exercises and the relaxation specifically. Thank you so much for taking the time to come to our college. We appreciate it.

It was my first time doing yoga, it was hard but something I really enjoyed. It showed me so much about my physical abilities. I even started doing yoga on my own. Thank you so much for the experience.
Jeanine Daniels

I really enjoyed doing physical activities like sport and jogging, thus I really enjoyed the yoga session you gave us. The yoga made me feel at ease / peaceful. I started doing routines by myself at home too:-) Thank you so much, stay blessed:-)
Zaundry Hill

The yoga class that you instructed was very interesting, mainly because it was my first time. During the session your tone that you spoke at was loud and clear, the music that played in the background was also very relaxing. To listen to the yoga terms was also so interesting. I enjoyed the class and I thank you. Namaste.

I found it to be a good experience as my first yoga lesson / session ever. As much as I sweated, I felt relieved. I tried my best throughout the session and it paid off. Thank you for the wonderful experience and hope your business grows substantially. I still remember most of the sequence you taught us and use the breathing method often.
Joshua Ackerman

Firstly, a sincere thanks for your efforts. I really enjoyed the yoga class – it literally relaxed me from head to toe, and released a lot of stress I was having. I always had a completely different perception of yoga, but you made me see and experience something totally different that can be vital in everyday life. Must admit my body was fairly sore the next day, but definitely worth it. I’ve taken many tips with me! Thanks!
Claire Hollard

I never thought yoga was something I would do or want to do again (after your class), but it is something I would definitly love to do again (even though I was stiff the following morning). Thanks you for your effort and being so patient with us. XOXO

Was very nice learning new ways to relax your body. Exciting and fun! The more you take part in yoga the better you will get. I look forward to doing more yoga classes.

Louise, the class was…
Something New

Louis Vermeulen

I really enjoyed the class. Even though my body was sore the next day. I personally think you did a great job, and I can see myself doing it in the future again. Thank you:-) XXX
Eugenia Sampson

Overall it was a very different experience for me. I’m so used to doing other exercises that I completely misjudged the effects it could have. Used to make fun of yoga, but I guess learning a few things made me see it in a different light. A few muscle strains here and there, but healthy exercise and fun to see that I am still flexible enough. Thank You!
Martin Delport

The yoga class that you gave us was very inspirational. After participating, I started my own fitness program with a few friends in my area. I showed them some of the exercises you taught us, and they liked the idea of sitting on the field relaxing after jogging the whole field. Thank you for the inspiration. I needed to start exercising, and you gave me that push.
Sharell Raubenheimer

The yoga class was really relaxing because it calms the mind and soul and it helps when you are stressed. Yoga is very interesting and I wouldn’t mind if you would be so kind as to give us another yoga class, seeing that it is nearly exam time and it would put less pressure on us as college students. I will try on my own to do the yoga, but I think it’s best when you have someone with you to do it. It was really exciting and fun. I hope to see you soon!!:-)
Darlene Olkers

Thank you Louise for coming to the college. The training and experience was nice, but I was so stiff the next day – I’m so unfit and want to do that regularly so that I can get fit and be healthy. This training meant a lot and opened my eyes, and I realise that a person needs exercise to keep a healthy body and mind. I would love for you to come visit the college again.
Keep well !!! Thanks XXXX


© Yoga With Louise 2017

All rights reserved.

© Yoga With Louise 2017

All rights reserved.